The North Star

Sometimes God speaks to me. Actually, He speaks a lot, but I only listen sometimes. After a lifetime of loving God, I’m still learning to listen to His voice. Sometimes it seems loud and clear. Other times it takes a while to understand as if I was listening to Kelly explain something from another room. I can catch a few key points but have to listen with intent to get the whole message. Even then, sometimes parts need to be repeated.

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Revealed in the Fog

I grew up and learned to drive in California’s Central Valley. With a December birthday, I turned 16—and got my drivers license—right as we were headed into the winter months.

For the most part, winters were fairly mild where I lived. I think it snowed less than 1/2″ total the entire 25 years that I lived there. But temperatures would often drop into the 20s for several days at a time, and since our winters were humid, we would often experience dense fog.

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I had a “vision” this morning. I use that word loosely. In reality, it was more like me imagining myself being in an action movie scene, complete with a dramatic orchestral soundtrack. 1

I was walking down a nice trail with a friend. We were talking and enjoying hanging out. The views were nice. It wasn’t a piece of cake walk, but not really strenuous either — comfortably difficult. Most importantly, it headed toward a place I wanted to go.

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  1. This may or may not happen a lot, which may or may not be especially ridiculous since I’m 42 and overweight.