Say Yes

On November 11, 2018, I was asked to give a short message at the time for tithes and offerings.

For some context, I am a member of C3 San Diego.  My family attends a new “East Campus” that is temporarily meeting in a high school auditorium.  We setup and tear down every week, including a massive 30-ish foot tent out front where we serve coffee and donuts each week.  It’s so much more amazing than I ever thought this much work could be.

This is what I said.

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The North Star

Sometimes God speaks to me. Actually, He speaks a lot, but I only listen sometimes. After a lifetime of loving God, I’m still learning to listen to His voice. Sometimes it seems loud and clear. Other times it takes a while to understand as if I was listening to Kelly explain something from another room. I can catch a few key points but have to listen with intent to get the whole message. Even then, sometimes parts need to be repeated.

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Swing the Bat

I love baseball. I always have. I can enjoy any game, no matter who is playing. Even if it takes my team 6.5 hours and 18 innings to finally get the win (Giants vs. Nationals, 2014). Even if it’s the local high school where I don’t actually know any kids. To everyone that thinks baseball is a slow boring sport: you are wrong.

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